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Kammalys is an arena video game where you have to destroy the other side's MacGuffin in order for the match to be over.




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The Story of Kammalys Version 2

Posted by MaxBaladi - October 17th, 2019

The Story of Kammalys

Kammalys is a world. Here lives a species named ”Merivan”. Tanya is a female merivan who is part of a shaman village. One day her entire people gets wiped out by an evil army and only she survives. Her village and all it's components are burned but she miraculously kept her shaman clothes and staff. With a huge vendetta against who purged her village she sets out on a quest to defeat the villain behind this. She figures there must be a huge reason to wipe out her shaman people and goes on her journey in the world.

In another part of Kammalys, long before that, a Merivan named Widow was a very exceptionally skilled child in her village. This village practiced dark magic. What she didn't know was that she overshadowed her brother Eden who was commanding attention before her birth. He was exceptional until she came along and pushed him aside. Because of this he got bullied and developed a grudge against his sister.

Eden plotted a plan to restore his glory and stole a forbidden book from the elders. He waited until Widow came into their house and took hold of her and unleashed the ritual. Aggresive magical swirls lifts up Widow and Eden and they both scream. Suddenly their mother walks in on them and a white flash occurs. Widow wakes up to see blood on the floor and her mother split in half. She can't see Eden. She tries to escape through the window but the elders arrive and capture her.

When she is brought before them they declared her cursed with a terribly destructive dark bomb. The ritual had cursed Widow with a dark bomb that will destroy the entire Kammalys if she doesn't defeat the most evil being in the world. They all knew who that was: N. The elders said her brother had become her shadow servant since their mother acted as a catalyst for the sacrifice. Eden's shadowy figure rose from the ground and uttered terrible growls.

With this tragedy, Widow set out on a quest to defeat N. As Tanya was on her journey the two eventually met. They shared an intertwined destiny of wanting to defeat N. On their adventure they met Mako who was running from an underground mob. He took it on his quest to assist the two on their journey and shield them and attack. A resistance against N's reign existed. An army of allegiants also existed but there was also a grey group that didn't take any sides. Tanya, Widow and Mako gained many allies and went through tough obstacles on their quest to defeat N.

Well near the end of their journey, they confronted N in a giant war. As the battle brings Tanya, Widow and Mako together with N he reveals he is the usurper of the Prime God's position and plotted to destroy the only ones who could kill him: the shamans. A long time ago he was brought to life by the Prime God who created seven other Gods to manage the multiverse, each with their own universe. As N saw his universe crumble because of greed and overpopulation he proposed a rework of the multiverse to the Prime God, but the Prime God put him in his place. N's universe self-destructed and floated around like a dead corpse in the nothingness. Because of this, N plotted to usurp the title of Prime God and killed the Prime God. As the new ruler of the multiverse N wanted to purge any threats to him, and this threat lied on Kammalys. The shamans could kill him and he wiped out every single one of them but Tanya.

Horrified by the truth and what the purging of her village has led to, Tanya is shocked. Never in her life could she imagine she would bear the burden of the entire multiverse on her shoulders. And here she stood in front of him, the Prime God and supreme ruler of all of existence. She knew what she had to do in order to save the multiverse. Tanya began glowing bright and levitated into the air. A giant cross formed behind her, her body radiating with an extremely potent energy. A giant burst flew against N and hit him, destroying him. The blast gained everyone's attention and the armies began realizing N was dead. Even though it was a heroic act, Tanya seemed as if the life was seeping out of her. She walked to a nearby rock and rested on it as her movements began growing more and more heavy. All her friends and allies noticed this and gathered in a group around her. Desperately, Mako tried to comfort her, saying it was over. But he knew very well what had happened. He held onto her until her final breath, and all her friends kneeled down to her. The story ends with that Mako caresses Tanya with hundreds of people around. She managed to save everyone with her sacrifice, and her story was complete.