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Kammalys is an arena video game where you have to destroy the other side's MacGuffin in order for the match to be over.




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Max Hoon Erik Baladi’s Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Posted by MaxBaladi - October 14th, 2019

Max Hoon Erik Baladi’s Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Video Game (MOBA) Idea He Thought Up Around 02:00, 2019-10-14

I have wanted to design something good for a long time. After having watched some videos on the Internet, and having played Dota 2 and League of Legends, something finally clicked. One evening (2019-10-14) before my english exam I watched videos of a Marvel MOBA and took a look at the earlier MOBA video games like Dota 1. Earlier that day I had worked on perfecting my video game portfolio to FutureGames education with my mother. And in it I had proposed the idea of a classical MOBA where you destroy the enemy’s diamond.

But I stumbled across an open-world MOBA on YouTube.com during the day and I couldn’t rip myself from it. It was thrilling to see that a fantasy world could work in the MOBA genre. You flew to a rectangular city and chose where to land of your preference. Then you started breaking boxes and gaining new weapons from houses and chests. You would eventually encounter some of the dozens of other players that played on the map. It was battle royale which meant everyone could kill each other in an arena, kind of like Hunger Games.

As time went on a circle of death began shrinking around the map and the players had to move closer to the center to not suffocate in it’s aura. People fought to death in the center of the map and then there was only one victor that remained and the game was over. I was fascinated by the idea of an open-world MOBA with somewhat of a quest. So that you do not wander around aimlessly as I have often found myself doing in Minecraft. I sat with my mother when I showed it to her and we thought we could come up with something with the idea of an open-world MOBA and my fantasy story Kammalys I made in 2015.

So before I had tried to make Kammalys into a classical MOBA with three lanes and ten players and two diamonds. But now before I went to bed late in the night of 2019-10-13 shifting over to 2019-10-14 I got an idea. I thought in my Kammalys video game I would show in my portfolio to FutureGames there would be the following things. You start out with a character of your choice, then you fly in a ship to the Kammalys city which is a square with a large headquarter in the middle. You are dropped down and glide down with your glider to any place of your choice. The risky place or the desolate place, or the more populated place? You decide.

As you land the normal MOBA rules apply. You have fog of war but it is battle royale with dozens of other people online. For people to get into a match I am not sure. Maybe dozens of people will have to accept a match for it to start? Could be a bit large, but it could work well. Now that you’ve landed, you begin to explore the Kammalys city. You can walk into buildings and loot boxes and furniture. You can break objects to get some good items so that you get stronger. There are normal MOBA assets in the video game. Bushes exists which you can be invisible in to ambush players.

People will begin to get stronger the more items and levels they get. Some may kill dozens of people and get stronger, like how a snowball gets bigger the further down the hill it rolls. As time runs out, a circle of death begins shrinking around the map. If you stand in it you will slowly die. So this means players are beginning to move closer to the center of the map to avoid the circle of death. When there are only ten players left the game automatically teleports the participants to the center of the map, to the headquarter.

Here the ten players will have to play a game of classical MOBA. The ten players are divided in half into teams and the match begins. The ones who died during the first match will have to sit inside the building above the participants and watch them play. I thought the losers could freely move up there and then switch to a spectating mode if they want. But they can’t interact with the participants and they can’t attack.

So simplified, you fly to a big map and fight everyone until there are ten players left. Then those ten players teleport to the headquarter in the middle and have a match there, where they have to destroy the enemy’s diamond. When I thought of this idea of two MOBAs in one, it already seemed like a batshit crazy idea during the night. Can you imagine? A big battle royale MOBA and then you fight a normal MOBA match in the headquarter in the middle. I’m not sure it will work well, but I thought the idea was so batshit crazy it might work well.

But yeah, this is the idea of my video game Kammalys I came up with one night. With this game model, I can create my immersive fantasy world I longed to make by creating a big square with buildings and vegetation on it. Also the big headquarter in the middle, is the figurehead of the Kammalys city/nation. My fantasy creatures I made during 2015-2016 and present, are the ones who wander around in this world. When I proposed video game ideas to my mother, she always wanted them to be these big fantasy worlds where you could explore and see the amazingness of it. I guess with a MOBA battle royale and a classical MOBA inside it I fulfill these wills.

It’s like you are flying to a town to fight other strangers then you are worthy enough to participate in the great competition in the middle arena. It’s a simple video game concept but will require a lot of hard work to pull off the way I want it. My current portfolio to FutureGames education is that I want to make a classical MOBA. But with this idea I may propose a rather different MOBA and have it as my ultimate goal, as well as my final game I’m making to be graded for if I get into FutureGames. But yeah, I’m not sure if anyone else has thought of an idea like this. Matches could last up to one hour with this model.

The future is blurry, it sure is. But this idea of two MOBAs in one is just an idea as of now. I have no idea of what will happen if it becomes reality. But I had some key points: Make an immersive fantasy world, make a good video game, make it non-repetitive and make it rewarding. Also, showcase the amazing characters of this world. Perhaps also show some of the amazing vegetation like glowing plants and colorful plants. Also show some of the wonderful buildings of Kammalys. I thought an amazing fantasy world would be a good thing, so I thought of a bunch of ideas that day 2019-10-14.

Many things may be subject to change. But the idea of a battle royale MOBA with a classical MOBA in the middle is concrete. I want it to be simple, concrete and good, and work well.