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Controlling the Laws of the Universe

Posted by MaxBaladi - August 23rd, 2019

I am Max Hoon Erik Baladi, male human whose home planet is Earth. There are things I would like to write about. People may know that E = mc², but do people know the formula of what humans call ”universe”? This question I am asking myself gets a no from me. I want to control the laws that make up ”universe”. I have been trying to achieve this quest for some time but to no avail. I haven't reached any full access to the mastery of the laws of ”universe”.

I wrote this text on Earth. On a so called ”computer”. I have never dreamt about the answer to ”universe”. I don't think any living entity has done that either. It seems the laws of ”universe” are not accessible for us to manipulate. Instead, these laws manipulate different aspects that makes ”universe” tick. The laws are unreachable for us. I may as well kill myself but then I will not be able to think or see anymore.

My body would be lifeless, and I wouldn't be able to move. The laws manipulated matter into becoming me. I am a mix of many things. This text I am writing can be interpreted by other beings. Still, I think humans understand a lot more than what our primitive animal ancestors did. Thus we have been able to intelligently craft machines and tools that help us in our everyday lives. I thought a universe machine was possible. If humans reached a point were we are able to make such things. That would grant us access to the laws of ”universe”, and we would be able to manipulate ”universe” according to whatever came to our heads.

I have a will, and that will can seemingly not be satisfied. Animals of my species can come to similar thinking as me, but they usually give up and focus on something else instead. I was adopted when I was very little. I have lived a life of not getting in touch with other humans than my flock. Thus I usually spend my life thinking about the universe machine that allows me to control the laws of ”universe”. It seems to be an ongoing quest.