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Kammalys is an arena video game where you have to destroy the other side's MacGuffin in order for the match to be over.




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Kammalys (Text Written By Max Baladi, 11:16 PM Thu, Jul 11, 2019)

Posted by MaxBaladi - July 11th, 2019

Widow is a child who lives in a dark magic village. She is the little sister of Eden, and she lives with him and her mother. She loves reading books and has a natural talent for being the good child. What she doesn't know is that Eden used to be a marvelous good child commanding attention of the entire village.

The elders said he was someone who only came along once in 300 years. He was what they said, "a child descended from the heavens". But with the birth of Widow he was cast aside. She was the superior good child and the village told of a legend of one who would appear every 700 years. Because of this attention shift Eden became bitter and grew jealous of Widow. He developed a grudge and was eventually forgotten.

As time went on he wished for another fate. If there was one way to restore his glory he would have it. Eden sought out ancient forbidden lore and found a ritual that would lead him to what he wanted. He required her presence so he went and stole the book from the elders. On one normal day Widow was returning home but when she went inside Eden appeared and pinned her down.

He uttered a magic verse and terribly strong gusts of aggressive winds swept inside the room. The ominous darkness continued to whine, Eden and Widow screamed. Suddenly their mother walks in on them and she looks terrified as a flash knocks them out into unconsciousness.

Widow wakes up but can't sense her mother or her brother. On the floor lies her mother split in half with blood sprayed out on the walls. Widow is scared and crawls clumsily to the window to escape. The villagers and the elders rush inside their house and capture her before she can flee.

They already sensed a tragedy had happened and one life had been lost. She is confused and mourns her mother. The elders explained that Eden started a forbidden ritual that would sacrifice her so that he could become supreme. But the dark book chose their mother instead and latched itself onto Eden who became cursed to be Widow's slave and shadow.

An intimidating shadow rose from the ground and Widow looked at it with horrified eyes. They said it couldn't speak because Eden was too hateful to utter any words. But it could make terrible hideous growls that faintly sounded like him calling for help in a desperate tone.

One thing was clear for the elders. Widow had been cursed with the mythical dark bomb and it was so rare and so forbidden, so full of wickedness and awesomeness that it required the host to destroy the most evil being in the world to disarm it. They all knew very well who that was; "N". Without the host defeating him, the entire world would crumble if the bomb would reach it's estimated initiation time.

Widow may have just been a child when she was exiled and started her journey but she was crafty and independent, good at heart and compassionate. She uses her convincing magic to manipulate the citizens of a rustic city to give her jobs. She spends most of her time in this mechanical wonder. But one day she sees a child sitting looking at her own reflection in the rain.

This child cannot have come far from the other side of the country to here. Widow knew of a village some kilometers from the rustic city, where the shamans resided. This child had brown hair and yellow eyes. She was sitting at a green spot with a staff with a bag attached to it. She noticed Widow's orange eyes in the water and looks up. She is still very young according to her, who is around 19 by now.

Widow offers her shelter and they walk to the inn she has rented. Tanya is her name. Tanya tells her that soldiers of "N" came and raided her shaman village. They killed her grandmother who was her guardian and tried to steal their shaman equipment. Out of all odds, Tanya had become enraged and avenged her grandmother Mela by taking down the two soldiers.

They left her with a scar on her chest and she was banished because she was deemed a threat to the village. She explained she didn't know where to go after these unfortunate events and trudged forward to a rumored city she had heard about. Even Tanya's quest is to kill "N" and she has amazing potential because of her shaman heritage.

It is legendary that the shamans can touch and communicate with the mightiest of spirits. "N" is a jealous God who has infected Kammalys but he is one of the original spirits. Even he can be defeated if an assault consisting of enough crafty and strong powers is sneaked into his chambers.

As Widow and Tanya became friends that night, by sharing their similar stories, the next few weeks they journeyed away from the rustic city. They walk into a foreign civilization that seems quite modern. Tall pillars rise above the ground much like the black towers in Widow's home village.

A gang fight breaks out before their eyes and they see a young boy running from a group of mob members. The chase goes on into an alleyway where the boy becomes cornered. Widow and Tanya rush to see what happens, and the gang threatens to kill him if he doesn't pay up for what he loaned. Widow manipulates them with dark sorcery while Tanya beats them down with her staff. As they're unconscious they take the boy out of there and settle down somewhere else.

They ask what kind of business he was up to. And he seemingly had a bargain to repay. He didn't, and for that he was hunted by the gang's leader. Without that debt, he asked in return who they were, and Widow and Tanya responded that they were on a quest to defeat "N". He said his name was Mako and shook hands with them.

He deemed their meeting coincidental but stated that he was good at shielding his allies from attacks. Since he wanted out of the city he took to them and they hurriedly left the society. As they trudge along they discover a strange glowing green crystal. It calls to Tanya and she touches it. Clearly it encourages her to collect dozens of more and the trio begin their quest in search of the green crystals.

The structures that house them vary in design but the gems remain the same. The friends suspect there is an ancient origin to these components but they don't try to unveil any lore. Tanya clearly begins thinking it is her destiny to collect the crystals, which will give her an awesome power to defeat "N".

They visit a wonderful capital of white castles and artificial green fields. They coincidentally meet Lydia, a royal of one of the buildings. She has knowledge of magic and after hearing their quest she assured them her powers can be helpful. Her family has no problems with her venturing out into the world. They had encouraged her to start her life with new friends anyway, so they allowed her to go.

The four of them wander through harsh landscapes to sneak into "N's" lair. On the way through a barren desolate environment they sense a floating slime-crab which is stuck in a stone structure. They free it together and it seems friendly. They take to it and name it Mr Crab. It became a companion to their group even though they didn't communicate in the same language.

Throughout many amazing landscapes the team at last reaches "N's" land of iron. His enormous castle casts an intimidating shape over the other buildings. This fortress was the very center of the leader's nation. Inside it lay arcane lore and sitting on the throne "N" himself. This was Tanya and Widow's endgame, their final enemy lay inside the crypt.

They break into his fortress undiscovered and walk into his treasure chambers. Here Tanya discovers rare ornamented shaman apparel and quickly puts it on. They also managed to find the final green crystal which opens a portal as an alarm starts blaring. The team finds themselves inside the crypt of "N". 

A giant troll stands next to the leader sitting on his throne. He was "N's" attendant and right hand man. This Goliath would deal with all of "N's" enemies before "N" personally would take care of them. The five and him break into a duel while the leader watches. He is a resistant foe but becomes bested by the combined strength of our heroes.

The mighty eleven-foot tall being standing before them. His halls were dark and epic. He had no statues but the designs of the architecture was simple but detailed. His throne gave the impression of a tall tombstone. There was a small design around it which required one to walk on it to step up on the throne.

He hadn't anticipated their visit. He was having an ordinary day until they unexpectedly showed up. He explained to them he would kill them and brought forth a greatsword he set on flame. The five prepared for a fight and went into different stances. Tanya and Widow didn't want to die but they wanted to get this over with without cheating.

The team and "N" simultaneously lunged forward and clashed with hard strikes. As the fight raged on they used all their powers to blast him. He wasn't invulnerable but was very resistant to pain. They saw the battle weren't going as they had anticipated and Lydia was killed after sending out a magic blast to "N". Our heroes were driven back singlehandedly by "N" and began losing hope, battered and bloodied.

Suddenly Goliath rises from the ground and takes the side of the team. He exclaims he had fallen under "N's" agenda for a long time but all they had done wasn't the right thing to do. "N" was impressed but surprised and drove Goliath back. He was once again knocked to the ground unconscious. "N" grew bloodthirsty and sought to kill the remains of our heroes. Mako tried to shield Tanya and Widow but all of them began dying because of "N's" strength.

Out of nowhere Mr Crab appears and allows himself to be pierced by "N's" greatsword. He has blocked an attack and Widow and Tanya cry out in despair at their fallen pet. This gives Goliath time to truly show his awesome strength and beats down "N" and knocks him to the floor. As the power of "N" fades the foundations around them begin to crumble since they were held up by his strength.

Debris falls to the ground and dust wells up covering Tanya's and Widow's sight. "N" exclaimed he never expected betrayal from Goliath and said these traitorous acts had brought his undoing. They vaguely see Goliath smiling and saying "this one's for you until next time" and he vanishes as the dust swallows him and "N". Our heroes escape through the crumbling halls and flee out from the fortress, with it's ruler dead.

In the aftermath of these events Tanya had become empowered with the green crystals and the power of the Earth God surged through her. She sacrificed herself in a rite of the shamans to Kammalys and restored the good in the world by becoming one with nature. Mako and her had had a child shortly before that and father and son ventured to unknown places after having a final farewell to Widow.

Widow had gotten rid of her dark bomb curse and returned to her village. They had heard rumors about the evil emperor being defeated and Widow told them it was a true story. She picked up the book she had read in the time of her childhood which had been interrupted and began reading it again. Just like how her journey began, she sat under the same tree she used to sit at and continued reading the chapter she had left it at where it was.