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Posted by MaxBaladi - 5 days ago

The bat girl is a hero who fights racism.

She is someone who stops it and prevents it. And who also takes the fall caused by racism because she is the hero, the bat girl who can endure it. As the symbol that will live on forever. The idea that will live on forever, as the icon that can take racism. The hero we all asians need.

But yeah, N is an extreme racist who wants to bring out that ugly side from everyone. And cause total chaos. He wants to convert people to become as ugly as him, and laugh while they do it like him.

He actually laughs while he does it.

So he is basically a racist white old man.

One of the most horrible persons to live...

Yeah, that makes him the most evil being in the world.

He is the race cleanser.

But yeah, the story is that these two are duking it out.

Winova fights against racism and shines as an example that can take it. While N is an ultra-racist who wants to bring out that ugly side from everyone, and who converts people to become racists.

Winova in the end ultimately wins, but to a great cost. She basically takes the fall for multiple people who were involved in N's entire scheme. She basically takes it all and limps away as the hero. Because she can take it. Because she is the bat girl. Because she is the icon, the symbol, the idea that can always heroically take it and save everyone, while no one else can. Because she is the dark arcanist.

But yeah, N converts people you'd never thought would be converted who basically betray Winova's side.

We see him literally bringing out the worst from people by putting his terrorist pressure on them and almost breaking their spirit.

It is a very good concept and a good tale.

It is a work from Max Baladi who thought it would be a good idea to send a good message about race after he had a girl call him Chinese and a boy pull his eyes at him on the schoolyard.

That became a stimulating childhood experience he drew upon and used to create Winova, the bat furry girl webcomic.


But yeah, he is working on this comic as this text is being written and he hopes to finish it one day. He believes in it, because his stimulation is real. And there are unfairness out there in the world.

He was literally adopted at 4.5 months old by his mother Hyun Mee from South Korea to Sweden.

And after he got called Chinese and had eyes pulled at him he decided to make Winova.

I guess that's it for now, I wanted to write out some thoughts after my walk.

Posted by MaxBaladi - 6 days ago

Script for Winova

Act 1

Winova spends her time normally in her village.

It is a dark arcanist village.

She is an alien bat girl.

Her species has bat ears but no wings or tail.

Apparently her brother had been in the spotlight before she was born.

His name is Eden.

Eden was pushed aside after she was born.

She was prophesied to be a child descended from the heavens who only came along in a very long time.

Eden was a prodigy, but he was no child from the heavens.

So he became jealous, the first stage of darkness and malevolence, of Winova.

He became more introvert.

He shut himself in mentally more.

Kids took notice of his shy behavior and bullied him.

They asked him why he wasn't as good as before.

Couldn't he get good again?

They thought he was a loser.

Eden developed a grudge against Winova.

He planned to restore his glory, but how?

He snuck into the village elders' library room and stole a forbidden book.

With this he would be able to restore his glory.

He would sacrifice Winova.

Winova played with her friend and made some string toys they tied around their arms in the meantime.

Unbeknownst to her brother's plan, she went home and opened the door to the room where her string was.

Out of nowhere, Eden grabs Winova's arm forcefully but steadily.

He closes the door with his other hand.

He holds the book in his other hand.

He pins her down to the floor and holds up the book.

Winova is confused, scared. Startled.

Eden begins uttering a bunch of magical chants and the book levitates up from his hand into the air.

Brilliant blue lighning bolts strike out from the book.

Winova slowly gets lifted up into the air.

Eden stands firmly and gesticulates his hands to continue the ritual.

But something is wrong, the book begins to spew aggresive magical swirls like whirlwinds plus lightning.

The room is shaking. Like a boat.

Eden is lifted up as well and both begin to scream.

The room is shaking and things are flying around violently like paper on the streets.

Their mother breaks up the door and runs in.

We see her horrified face at the scene of her children getting lifted up by a deadly spell.

A loud, white, violent flash happens.

Winova slowly wakes up on the floor.

She is scared, and looks around to see a bloodied room with her mother split in half.

Her brother is nowhere to be seen.

The room is a mess of stuff lying everywhere with papers and blood being scattered across the floor.

Winova is paralyzed and tries to crawl out through the window.

She drags herself across the floor.

A bunch of voices are heard behind her and it is the village elders with some others who have arrived to see what has happened.

They drag her back from the window and take her into custody.

At the village elders' trial room, she stands before them to answer them.

They studied her case and found out that her brother had tried to sacrifice her.

Though, as their mother walked in, she became the sacrifice and Winova got cursed with something far worse.

She had become bound by Eden as her shadow servant.

Eden rose up from the ground, but as a hulking dark spectre.

The elders explained he could only utter horrifying growls as those were his last thoughts, hate.

The villagers also showed that Winova had gotten cursed with a dark bomb.

This bomb would blow up the world if she didn't destroy the most evil being in the world.

This truth shocked Winova.

The elders and the village gave her no choice but to pack her things and leave.

She would start immideately, otherwise there was a chance they would be too late.

Winova packed her things in a bag in her home and walked out of the village.

We see her leaving the village and entering the wilderness.